3 Tools Every Commercial Electrician In Edmonton Should Have

July 29, 2022

3 Tools Every Commercial Electrician In Edmonton Should Have

Commercial electricians have to deal with a wide range of complex problems as part of their day-to-day work. Every electrician must thus be fully prepared to deal with all kinds of emergencies. Any slacking from a commercial electrician can negatively affect businesses and commercial complexes.


Having the latest tools and equipment is vital for electricians to offer top-notch service. It won't be an exaggeration to say an electrician is only as good as the tools and equipment they use. Commercial electricians in Edmonton should have the following tools to offer top-notch performance. 


Tools every commercial electrician should have


Power drill
There are numerous instances where an electrician needs to drill holes in walls. Electricians cannot afford to lose precious time while dealing with electrical works of urgent nature. Having a power drill ensures that an electrician can drill holes for wiring needs effortlessly and efficiently. Portable power drills, available in the market nowadays, can easily be carried around in an electrician's toolbox. 


Pliers and cable cutters
While pliers are greatly helpful for ripping the protective sheathe or insulation off cables and wires, cutters, as the name suggests, are used to cut thick cables with ease. Pliers and cutters are tools that are basic yet effective. An electrician's toolbox is not complete without pliers and cable cutters.


Voltage indicators
Approved voltage indicators are ideal for determining the presence of electricity. Electricians detect AC voltage on everything from sockets and switches to circuit breakers and outlets. It can potentially be a lifesaver. It is best to ensure safety by using voltage indicators to determine if there is current flow before working on something. 


Using top-quality tools and equipment is one of the major prerequisites for guaranteeing quality electrical work. HC Electrical Services Ltd. employs the best commercial electricians in Edmonton. Contact us to solve all your electrical issues. Our years of experience make us one of the best electrical contractors in Edmonton.