3 Tools Every Residential Electrician Must Have

July 06, 2022

3 Tools Every Residential Electrician Must Have

It won't be an exaggeration to state that an electrician is only as good as their tools. Without the right set of tools and equipment, an electrician will not be able to offer swift solutions to the electrical problems you might be facing at your abode.

Residential electricians in Edmonton must always be well-equipped to address issues, small or big. An ill-prepared and complacent electrician risks losing clients apart from failing to gain new ones. Ensuring safety is paramount while fixing electrical problems. Safety can be guaranteed by using top-quality tools and equipment. 


3 must-have tools for residential electricians.


A multimeter is an essential instrument an electrician must have in their possession. This multipurpose measuring instrument can accurately give voltage, resistance, and current readings to the electrician. A multimeter is crucial in helping the electrician understand if an electrical circuit is working.

Insulated pliers
This simple yet effective tool is a must-have for every residential electrician. Insulated pliers enable electricians to work on live wires and electrical components without being electrocuted. Pliers are perfect for twisting and cutting wires effectively without exerting too much physical pressure. 

Wire strippers
Having to remove the protective sheath of the wire is quite common for a residential electrician. While removing the sheath, it is vital to stay clear of the copper wire. Any damage to the copper wire can add to the electrician's work as you might have to replace the entire wire. Electrical problems are often urgent in nature. Residential electricians need to be equipped with the right tools and equipment to solve problems.

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