Reasons for Knob and Tube Removal in Toronto

September 09, 2015

Reasons for Knob and Tube Removal in Toronto

Knob and tube wiring was done early in the 20th century using copper as conductors. The conductors were permanently installed to the walls and ceiling length of buildings using tubes, porcelain and other materials. That kind of insulation is no longer used since it is very expensive and uneconomical. Therefore, most of homes in Canada that had such installations now require Knob and tube removal Toronto. The wiring is replaced with a modern wiring system by qualified electricians professionally.
Knob and tube wiring is designed to allow low-current flow and therefore it cannot meet the high power demand for a modern home. Therefore, it was designed for just lighting and to support less weight appliances. The knob and tube removal Toronto and their subsequent replacement with modern wiring system give the residents an opportunity to use the level of current of their choice. A higher amp fuse is not a solution since it leads to overheating that can lead to fire outbreak.

Use of knob and tube wiring does not allow the utilization of the third earth wire to prevent electric shock due to the design used. That puts most of the houses at risk of fire outbreak, hence they are not safe at all to occupy. some companies in Toronto have the best skill in knob and tube removal Toronto like HC Electrical Toronto. Incorrect modification of the knob and tube wiring makes the wiring system even more risky because most of the modifiers are the residents who don’t have technical electrification skills.

It is hard for houses with knob and tube wiring to be insured by insurance companies since the system is never applicable of late because of high energy demand and safety measures. The insurance companies will always require knob and Tube removal Toronto before insuring a building that initially had the tube and knob wiring system. The knob and tube removal Toronto is cheap and affordable to anyone in need of the service from skilled and experienced electricians in Toronto.