Testimonials For Our Knob And Tube Wiring Services

December 04, 2014

Testimonials For Our Knob And Tube Wiring Services

Knob and tube wiring removal

After my house was burnt down, my insurer worked closely with HC electrical in undertaking the knob and tube wiring and fitting the electrical fixtures. At the time, I was hopeless and felt frustrated that the previously done electrical wiring had resulted to the fire burning my house. I feared working with just any other electrician company.

Since the insurer had exhumed great confidence in HC, I chose to trust the company. Later, when the team descended on the remnants of my house, all the porcelain knobs and tubes hanging fire remains were carefully removed. As a result, I had cost in replacing some of the fittings. At the end, Allan and his team (from HC electrical) used the knobs and tubes in restoring my house. Am happy that my insurer made the best choice; working with HC electrical.

Toronto electrical contractor

When we were re-designing the layout of our office, we sought for HC electrical’s consultancy services. In the exercise, they were to deliver the most cost effective designs that would lead to greatest savings on the wiring costs as well as undertaking the fitting of the fixtures.

In the role, the company assigned a team of specialists who planned and undertook the assignment swiftly without any delays. As a result, we were able to begin our post-modification operations prior to the planned commencement date.

Since the very day, we’ve consulted HC electrical to fix all our electrical concerns at the existing and new offices. The company has been part of our growth strategy and we appreciate the commitment we’ve seen from the team. For this, we’ll forever work with HC in our growth plan.


Knob and tube wiring in Toronto

I have on two instances worked with HC electrical. In the first encounter, I had consulted the team to fix the knob and tube wiring at my newly acquired home. In the exercise, the team show cased their expertise and skill by professionally designing the pre-fixture plan in which they involved my input at every step.

In the second instance, the team was to deliver several electrical fixtures for use in my commercial building and well as affixing them. Under the role, the team worked well with the other consulted engineers leading to a swift completion of the assignment. Through their commitment, I was able to build one of the most iconic buildings at the heart of Toronto. Am proud to have worked with HC electrical and would recommend it to those working on demanding electrical projects.