What you need to know about knob and tube wiring:

October 16, 2015

What you need to know about knob and tube wiring:

Knob and tube wiring was used in the past to provide electrical power to Toronto’s residents and businesses. That kind of wiring is permanent because the tubes with the copper conductors are fixed on the building’s walls and ceiling using knobs that are strengthened with porcelain and shock absorbers. Knob and tube wiring Toronto requires skilled personnel who are highly experienced to ensure that the project is done to perfection and the building is not exposed to the danger of fire. HC Electrical does not take chances when recruiting electricians because they employ electricians who are knowledgeable, licensed and skilled in their area of specialization. Therefore the best place to get exceptional electricians on knob and tube wiring Toronto is HC Electrical.

The consumption of electrical power differ from time to time hence he need of upgrading the wiring systems to accommodate a higher voltage. Knob and tube wiring Toronto is characterized by low current flow that can only support lighting and less weight appliances. The system of wiring was not able to support power demand in the commercial sectors leading to skilled electrical modifiers.  Locally modified systems pose the building to a lot of risk since the modification is not done up to the standard. HC Electrical electricians offer quality electrical services that surpass the expectations of the clients. The electricians work at the convenient of the clients hence they are reliable, friendly and easy to work with them.

In Toronto, the insurance farms refer top electrical contractors like HC Electrical to inspect and modify the electrical systems to the standard of insurance. The insurance companies look at the track records of electrical contractors before recommending them to take up a project. They encourage knob and tube removal and proper electrification to make the buildings safer for the residents. That is because buildings with knob and tube wiring Toronto are very risky and the insurance farms avoid them because of the business viability. It is prudence to acquire knob n tube wiring services from the best contractors that give a long lasting solution on electrical systems in buildings.